Heba Mamdouh

Senior Research Account Manager, Cairo, Egypt

Heba Mamdouh, Senior Research Account Manager in Firefly Millward Brown’s Egypt office, has ten solid years of marketing and qualitative research experience. Proactively taking on management level positions in the field over her career has informed her broad understanding of management responsibilities and roles. In a research role, she’s lead branding equity studies across Africa and the Middle East for client projects in numerous industries including banking and telecommunication.

Heba’s education in arts and language makes her especially well-versed in capturing linguistic and cultural nuances adeptly. Her in-depth understanding of the consumers’ socio-economic classes, culture, norms and values equate to expert insight in categories she’s touched throughout her work from automotive, media and technology to education, real estate and retail.

Heba believes in working in interactive and energetic ways as she’s done with previous clients like Kraft, Vodafone, Nokia, CITI Bank and General Motors. With expertise in communication touch points, brand equity and positioning, segmentation and creative development, Heda’s known for her ability to be a team player and drive accountability and success.

Quick facts:

  • Spontaneous dance is an outlet for stress relief that can be tapped into at any time, even while you’re shopping, says Heba.
  • If you’re a friend of Heba’s, don’t be surprised to find never before seen pictures of you and your friends in fun poses from the night before. Like!
  • Heba holds more artsy degrees than your average researcher with a bachelor of arts and a major in English language and literature from Cairo University.