David Hirschler

Managing Director, North America

David is not afraid to take risks – whether he’s running with the bulls in Pamplona or running focus groups to tackle complex marketing questions. Driven by instincts accrued over 20 years of brand building in the consumer packaged goods and Internet e-commerce industries, David provides actionable insights to companies seeking to build their brands, grow their market share, and improve their bottom line. Prior to joining Firefly, David honed his skills as a senior marketer at blue-chip companies like Colgate-Palmolive and Unilever, and then served as General Manager and Vice President of Marketing at Register.com – a leading Internet services company. Now, David conducts studies across a wide variety of industries, including financial services, packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, technology, retail, media and entertainment and telecom.

David holds a B.A. from the University of Rochester and an M.B.A. from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

Quick Facts:

  • Clients David has worked with include: Dicks Sporting Goods, CapitalOne, Liberty Mutual, D&B, AARP, Pfizer, Microsoft, Cisco, Yahoo, NBCU, Colgate-Palmolive, Altria, Red Bull, Jim Beam Brands, Sprint, Nokia, TracFone
  • Joined Greenfield Consulting (now Firefly) in 2005
  • Passionate about family, travel, politics, sports, and rock ’n roll (Ask him anything about 70’s rock. He’ll have the answer.)
  • Plays the guitar (but never in public, since his talents clearly lie elsewhere)
  • Ran with the bulls in Pamplona
  • Was somewhat of a rebel into his early 20’s (if you look closely, you will see he once wore an earring)
  • Alternative profession would be as a teacher, helping children learn more effectively