Brand Success Stories

Bedding Retail Exploratory

The Challenge

  • An international apparel company recently launched a line of upscale bedding.
  • Lackluster sales appeared to be a result of pricing and retail strategies that were off-target.
  • It seemed that the line was overpriced in a challenging economy, and was being featured in inappropriate retail environments.

The Mission

  • Conduct foundational research to illuminate the key insights of the high-end bedding category with an emphasis on key purchase triggers.
  • Understand the dynamics with regard to pricing and general attitudes among different retail channel and online shoppers to help identify the key retailer and pricing strategy.

What We Found

  1. Qualitative research revealed that the retail and pricing strategies were not the key issues.
  2. Rather, we found that product design was the problem. If the manufacturer was able to address the design issues, a high price point at top-shelf retailers would actually enhance the line’s cachè instead of preventing purchase.
  3. The key issue is that the brand’s design aesthetic, grounded in the apparel category, does not translate to desired design attributes in the bedding category.
  4. However, the brand seems to have permission to “stretch” its interpretation of color and texture to a more appropriate and appealing aesthetic, while still retaining is core equity.

How We Did It

A three-step research plan was created in the US to get deep insights within “real-world” shopping environments:

Phase 1: Consumer-generated blogs reflecting impressions during shopping trips were discussed at a design showroom where the brand’s designs were also revealed .

Phase 2 and 3: In-Store and website shop-alongs were conducted within different retail channels. This provided the opportunity to experience the line within the context of shopping experience.