Brand Success Stories

Consumer Electronics Retail Exploratory

The Challenge

  • A leading consumer electronics manufacturer sold its products through a diverse number of retailers/channels.
  • A major, national retailer had identified consumer electronics as a growth opportunity.
  • Together, the manufacturer and retailer wanted to understand how to best grow the category.

The Mission

The goal was to understand top-of-mind associations as well as in- store variables that affect the purchase dynamic

What We Found

  • The manufacturer was well positioned to improve its sales rate within its partnering retailer. Both brands were highly trusted – consumers appeared to be "rooting" for the brands to succeed.
  • While the consumer had strong sentiment for the retailer, this did not carry over to the electronics department, which was seen as inconsistent – sales help was often sub-standard or unavailable, product variety was felt to be below average, "newness" was compromised as many felt the models on display were not the newest available, and there was a lack of product information to help one feel they were making an intelligent choice. There was almost a "fear" of buying electronics at the retailer.
  • The manufacturer used the research findings to recommend a category reorganization, incorporating more "visual" cues for education and displays to better showcase new merchandise.

How We Did It

A two phase research approach:

  • Mini focus groups with product owners and considerers.
  • Shop-alongs at the partnering retailer's stores.